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All about kelo-saunas

The biggest sauna Huliswood has delivered to date seats 150 people. The smallest just three.
You need a sauna that suits your needs. We at Huliswood will gladly share our experience, to help you find the sauna design, that is perfect for you.
Now you can even have a genuine kelo-sauna to you, almost ready built.

Huliswood – all about kelo wood

Kelo wood – centuries old valuable wood from the north. A rough, natural and beautiful material.

Kelo wood lives alongside you and reflects in its surface the unique life it has lived. The gorgeous reddish colour of the heartwood, as well as the grooves and burls, are just some of the qualities of kelo wood, giving a unique look to every product.

The product range on offer from Huliswood Oy, based in Karstula, Finland, includes kelo wood in all its forms – from logs to sawn timber and log frames, and from a skillet base to the world’s largest kelo wood restaurant.


Cottages, villas, houses and saunas


light shades, furniture, panels and planks


hotels, spas and other special sites

Huliswood Oy

We have been refining kelo wood since the 90s, and Huliswood is today Finland’s leading company in the field. Throughout our long history, our operations have been based on quality, reliability and excellent service. All the kelo wood we have acquired has been processed with consideration for the environment and respecting biodiversity.

Throughout its operations, Huliswood has exported kelo wood products abroad, with Central Europe forming the main market area. Our customer base includes domestic and international customers such as private decorators and builders, hotels, restaurants, construction companies, sauna companies and interior design professionals.


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