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For decorators

Timeless design

In our range you will find kelo lampshades, unique kelo furniture and natural decorative materials –kelo panels and kelo sawn timber.

In addition to this, our range includes the sleek and modern Uhtua Design kelo product collection.

Kelo panel

With a lightweight panel made of kelo wood, you can easily build a genuine kelo surface and bring a bit of Lapland to you.

The kelo panel is a modern way to build a genuine kelo surface. Thanks to the convenient tongue structure, the kelo panel is very quick and easy to install!

The kelo panel is suitable for saunas, fireplace rooms, or almost any space where you want to bring out the genuine atmosphere of Lapland. The kelo panel can also be mounted on the exterior cladding, making it possible to use more robust items.

Have a look at our work in our gallery!

Installation instructions for the kelo paneling

Uhtua Design products

Uhtua Design is a collection of furniture and furnishings made of kelo wood, bringing a genuine and precious atmosphere to the interior – a piece of the past in the form of natural antiquity. The timeless furniture with its simplified style is ideal for log cabins, town houses and public spaces.

The kelo wood used as a raw material for our Design products has been given new modern forms by designer Jonas Hakaniemi. Handcrafted Uhtua Design products feature characteristics unique to kelo – cracks, burls and gorgeous reddish hues of heartwood. These elements give a unique look to every product.

With the Uhtua Design collection, we want to respect the White Karelian cultural tradition. The name of the collection refers to the village of Uhtua, where Elias Lönnrot collected a large number of the poems that would go on to make up the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala. These same song-filled lands also gave us many of the masters of the golden age of Karelia, such as Sibelius, Gallen-Kallela and Edelfelt.

Kelo furniture

Furniture made from kelo is spectacular indoors, on a terrace or in a barbecue area. The photos show some more solid wood furniture made by Huliswood. As a furniture material, kelo wood benefits from durability.

Kelo lamp shades

Genuine kelo lampshades create ambient light for the home or cottage. In addition to this, we make unique outdoor lampshades that fit perfectly into the yard area of kelo buildings, amongst others.

Kelo sawn timber

Kelo sawn timber can be used in a variety of ways, both in furnishing and exterior cladding. The heart of kelo is a redwood, which gives the sawn timber a unique, centuries-old shade.

Unedged boards with rough edges are used for cladding ceilings and for weatherboards and eaves.

The inner wall built from the kelo slabs brings a real kelo cabin atmosphere to saunas and fireplace rooms. For sauna benches a large-scale kelo plank, which conducts very little heat, is a genuine alternative to exotic wood varieties. Kelo planks can also serve as side boards for windows and doors, as well as staircase and furniture material.