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Huli-Sauna is a genuine Kelo log sauna!

Get the special scent and atmosphere of the Northern Forest in your genuine Kelo wood sauna.The design of Huli-Sauna will blend in nicely in your backyard, your outdoor wellness area or your premises at the lake shore or at the mountainside. It will also be a wonderful addition for your spa facilities – your guests will have a relaxing and memorable experience in an authentic Finnish sauna. Huliswood puts a lot of fine craftsmanship and handwork into the sauna, with its walls of ca. 18 cm diameter hand carved Kelo logs. Also, the finishing is done by hand, making every sauna unique. Yet every Huli-Sauna is set up easily and quickly in your place, as it comes to you ready built at the factory.

Details well thought through

The unique appearance and scent of Kelo wood has a soothing atmosphere of its own. So Kelo has been used extensively also for the finishing of the sauna, it is used in eaves and window surroundings and also in ceiling, benches and doors. Just as the floor is made with wood, making it feel warm and cosy under your feet.

The peaceful character of the sauna is enhanced by the dim glow of the light installed under the benches. Scent and looks of the wood are combined with the sound of a softly hissing heater. The heater with a big stone capacity offers a long lasting, soft and humid ”löyly” (sauna steam).


Pikku-Huli fits well even in the smallest spaces. Yet, it can accommodate comfortably up to three sauna fans at the same time. The optional L-shaped bench even allows one of them to relax on his/her back. Optional L-shaped bench.


Our middle-sized sauna can accommodate up to six bathers at the same time. The Finnish name “vasta” stands for the bathing whisk used during a traditional Finnish sauna experience. But it also indicates that in the Vasta-Huli design the benches face each other. Thus, getting on the benches and off again is safe and easy, making the sauna work extremely well also in public use. And the opposite seating invites to have a nice sauna chat with each other.


The largest of the Huli-Saunas offers an additional room next to the sauna. It can be used as a dressing room or as a nice place for overnight guests, and is especially loved by children. The partition wall has built-in valves, that allow the heat from the sauna to be transferred to the adjacent room. In this way, overnight stays are nice even during the colder nights.


Huli-Saunas can effortlessly be modified according to your needs and wishes. While width and height of the sauna have to be kept due to transportation reasons, many other features can be changed: length of the sauna, position of partition wall, positions and sizes of windows and doors as well as shape of the benches. You could for example place a large panoramic window on the front wall!

Or even leave benches and stove away? This transforms Huli-Sauna into an atmospheric study or guest house. And where would you sleep better than in a small kelo-house?



Summer is barbeque time – Huli-Kitchen offers a place to do this in style, being sheltered from the sun and from occasional summer rain. The kitchen can of course be used alone, but especially combined with a Huli-Sauna it creates a perfect Nordic setting into your garden.

Huli-Kitchen offers adequate space for a barbeque and a table top. The dining area can be built in front of the kitchen and an optional terrace cover will provide protection. This cover can be lowered down to make cleaning easy, plus offering additional security for the time when you are away.


Installation & Technology

The heater comes with a large stone capacity, that provides a soft and long lasting “löyly”. If hot water is needed, the heater can be equipped with an optional water heater. Walls and the floor are protected from the heat by protective sheathing and a stylish black steel chimney leads out the smoke and gases from the heater. An electric heater can be used as well. It also comes with a large stone capacity, and an easy to use external control panel. Heater can also be totally left out, if so required.

As standard the floor of Huli-Saunas is slanted towards the gutter next to the back wall. This keeps the floor clean and dry and the water can easily be led to a drain under the sauna. The floor can also be delivered level, if the intended purpose is something else than a sauna.

BTW – we advise you to check with your local authorities, if you need a building permission for a Huli-Sauna or a Huli-Kitchen.