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Kelo wood houses and cottages

Log house collection

The Huliswood log house collection consists of buildings that have been built throughout the years with solid expertise. Kelo wood construction differs from industrial log construction in a number of ways, so it is a good idea to use our models as templates when designing your own house. The models can also be easily customised to suit your needs. The building license images of the models on our website are included in the frame price.


  • Floor area: 223 m2
  • Living area: 214 m2


  • Floor area: 177,8 m2
  • Living area: 152,7 m2


  • Floor area: 113 m2 (Loft: 10 m2) 
  • Living area: 122 m2 

For builders

Our partners can organise your entire construction project, from plots and professional design to turnkey services. Of course, if you have experience and know-how in constructing log buildings, you can also build it yourself, in which case we can simply deliver the material to your plot.

Our partners include wood carvers skilled in traditional log construction, carpenters and construction companies, furniture makers, transport contractors, architects and designers.

Kelo wood beam – a unique building material

Hewn log sawn from kelo wood is a unique material that is suitable both for new log houses and for repairing old log houses. Kelo beams are hundreds-of-years-old red pine logs, which do not bend, twist or turn blue.

The wall is professionally hewn either with an axe or with machinery, with the end result looking just as if it were made by the carpenters of years gone by. Traditionally, a kelo beam is carved by hand using only a chainsaw and an axe. At Huliswood you can also opt for machined kelo beams.

When machined, the log features a wide planed round log reserve – this gives the wall good thermal insulation. However, the conicity of the tree remains, and from the outside, the building will not differ much from the hand-carved version.

Hand carved

Hand hewn

Hand-carved and hand-hewn